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Luna (Black Standard Poodle) x Bear (Cream Goldendoodle)

We are hoping for a goldendoodle Spring of 2023 if nature agrees.

We are hoping for a mix of black, white, cream and tan puppies.  Photos of their previous litter shown below

This litter will be medium - standard size ranging in size from 43lbs - 71lbs depending on the puppy (DNA pending)
Please feel free to call, text or email with any questions. 860-510-2424 Kelly

These puppies will likely home June 2023

Click here for an application.



Black Standard Poodle

Luna is a fun loving super friendly dog. She loves to run and play.  Luna is smart, obedient and loves affection.  Luna's coat is long silky and wavy.



Bear is a Goldendoodle.  He is 64% poodle.  He is pretty much a couch potato although he loves running around after a new haircut! Bear has a beautiful wavy coat that is soft and non shedding.  He often nudges you when he wants your attention.

previous litter


This is their previous litter.  A rainbow of colors.  We look forward to their new pups.

Upcoming Litters: Males
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