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Our Dogs


Nala Standard black & white parti-poodle "MOM"

To see Nala doing agility poles, click here

To see Nala's OFA Health results, click here

Luna Standard Black poodle "MOM" 

To see Luna doing agility poles, click here 

To see Luna's OFA Health results, click here 

Luna is an AKC registered Standard Poodle.

Luna is a fun loving super friendly dog.  Luna really enjoys agility and we are working towards her title.  

Luna is smart, obedient and loves affection.  Her coat is long, silky and wavy.

Bear Goldendoodle "DAD"

To see Bear's OFA Health results, click here

Goldendoodles are considered a "Hybrid" on the OFA site

 Bear is 64% poodle & 36% Goldenretriever.

He is pretty much a couch potato although he loves running around after a new haircut!

Bear has a beautiful wavy coat that is soft and non shedding.  

He is playful and LOVES meeting new people.

Our Dogs: Welcome


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