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Doubledoodles - Sold out

Bella (labradoodle) x Bear (goldendoodle)

August 30, 2022  7 puppies.  5 boys, 2 girls.  

GO HOME DATE: October 25, 2022

This litter will be medium - standard size. Puppies will range in size from 43lbs - 71lbs depending on the puppy (DNA pending)
Please feel free to call, text or email with any questions. 860-510-2424 Kelly

Puppy choosing day is October 8, 2022 (puppies are chosen in the order the deposit was received)

#1- reserved

#2 - reserved

#3 - reserved

#4 - reserved

#5 - reserved

#6 - reserved

#7- reserved

This litter is currently sold out.  Pleases check our upcoming litter, due Mid October 2022.

 Click here for an application.


Bella - Mom


Bella is a Labradoodle.  She is 60% poodle.  She is super sweet and very mellow.  She loves to go for rides in the car and sleep late.  Bella has a curly coat and does not shed.

Bear - Dad


Bear is a Goldendoodle.  He is 64% poodle.  He is pretty much a couch potato although he loves running around after a new haircut! Bear has a beautiful wavy coat that is soft and non shedding.  He often nudges you when he wants your attention.

a few hours old

August 30, 2022

A litter of 7.  4 boys, 2 girls.  

Here they are just a few hours old.  

Weighing in at 12.2oz - a whopping 19.2 oz

In order of birth:

Boy:   Blue     -14.2oz

Girl:   Purple   -15.6oz

Boy:   Green   -17.2oz

Boy:   Yellow   -17.0oz

Boy:   White,   -19.2oz

Girl:   Pink       -12.2oz

Boy: no collar   -11.7oz

Everyone is nursing great!

Available Puppies: Available Pets

1 day old

1 week old

2 weeks old, they started opening their eyes on Wednesday 09/14/22

3 weeks old, learning to play,
potty training going well.

4 weeks old, eating puppy kibble, potty training,
weaning begins

5 weeks old, having a great time learning how to run & play!